Your deodorant is costing you more than you think.


At the heart of Numinous is a desire to create personal care products that don’t harm anyone.
(It’s harder than it sounds.)

Did you know products applied to your skin are absorbed into your bloodstream within 90 minutes?
Some in just 30 seconds.

The European Union bans 2,482 chemicals and ingredients common in American personal care products like deodorant. We’re talking about ingredients known to cause cancer, genetic mutation, reproductive issues, congenital disabilities, and even damage to your central nervous system.
The FDA restricts only 11 of these ingredients and chemicals.

It would be easy to use cheap ingredients and claim our product is safe because it’s “FDA Approved.” Our standards are higher than that, and our integrity isn’t for sale. We have zero interest in FDA approval.

This is our journey and intention to create a natural, non-toxic, environmentally friendly, zero-waste, Fairtrade-certified deodorant that controls odor all day while only requiring minimal application.

How to create a totally wholesome deodorant

There’s nothing like this on the market. Sure, there are other natural deodorants, but our customers tell us those brands only control odor for a few hours and require repeated application. Many customers have said they must carry their natural deodorant with them, even to work and out with

Many natural deodorants on the market today use baking soda, which can cause painful skin reactions. Baking soda is highly alkaline, while the human armpit is more acidic, designed to fight bacteria and fungi that like dark, moist places. 

Our wishes for you are to maintain your mildly acidic armpits and leave your deodorant at home, so we started from scratch, studying everything from peer-reviewed biochemistry articles to competitor reviews.

After many months, we had a formula that controlled odor all day without hurting the user.

Next was sourcing.

It’s not enough to tell suppliers you want organic, sustainable, Fairtrade ingredients because they’ll lie. You must verify those claims yourself. If a supplier doesn’t provide sourcing, sustainability, and certification documentation for their entire supply chain, the supplier isn’t viable.
Numinous is based on trust, accountability, and transparency. Without traceability in our supply chain, we would fall short of our own values. We needed suppliers who were as open and honest as we are with our customers.

Through sheer determination, we found what we needed.

Then came packaging.

The goal: plastic-free, zero waste. One option was paste deodorant in aluminum or glass, but that limited users to those who like paste deodorant. It’s not for everyone. And it’s not zero waste. Our decision-making took a turn when we considered the broader implications of sourcing. Aware that overseas competitors often resort to extremely poor working conditions and even child labor, we felt even more committed to ethical sourcing. This is just another instance where Numinous stood firm in its principles. So, in addition to our environmental standards, we also took pride in the fact that our packaging was made in the USA. We settled on recycled, compostable paper tubes. They were 3x more expensive, but standards are standards. We printed on our 100% recycled paper with vegetable and wax ink developed by Konica Minolta in 2000. This polymerized toner eliminates plastics and petroleum, producing less VOC emissions while producing ink.

What does a totally wholesome deodorant look like

It is...

It does not have...

What do you value?

Your choice of deodorant depends on your values. Numinous makes deodorant for people who value their health, planet, and global neighbors.

We believe in inclusive pricing, but we won’t be the cheapest until more US companies hold themselves accountable for exploiting other cultures for generations and irreversibly damaging their customers and our planet.

If you’re able, we encourage you to send a message with your purchase decisions – because corporate greed will keep winning over accountability until greed stops making so much money.