Sustainable, organic, clay and plant-based natural colorants, ethically sourced.

It starts with the carrier oil.

Making the perfect soap is all about striking a balance between hard and soft oils so that the soap cleans and moisturizes the skin in virtually any level of water softness. Oils in Numinous soaps have 40% – 60% saturated to unsaturated fats, so they’re soft and nourishing on your skin with a rich lather, but they also last through many uses.


Numinous is formulated to cleanse and deodorize your skin, gently exfoliating to remove sweat, dead cells, and environmental toxins.


Soaps that dry out your skin will exacerbate issues like acne and signs of aging. Numinous revitalizes your skin with deep hydration.


Each collection is carefully designed for what you need, from deep moisture and nourishment to erase signs of aging to soothing anti-inflammatories for skin irritation.

Numinous Sustainable Carrier Oils