Dish Soap Refill Pucks

Puck Refill. Use with Dish Soap



Natural Eco-friendly, sustainable dishwashing soap. Reducing plastic waste and minimizing our carbon footprint. According to the EPA an estimated 14.5 million tons of plastic containers are generated a year.  Out of that, roughly 70% ended up in landfills. In some cases, it takes plastic up to 500 years to fully decompose. Looking beyond plastic beverage containers, We at Numinous Sustainable Soap have formulated this dishwashing soap and refill pucks in hopes to do our part around sustainability, bring awareness and offer solutions to reduce plastic consumption.

Numinous dish soap is a powerhouse grease cutting, lathering and moisturizing recipe. Using a high coconut oil content our dish soap is extremely cleansing, leaving your dishes sparkly & squeaky clean.  Due to coconut oil being very cleansing yet drying, we’ve incorporated the perfect amount of castor oil. Acting as a humectant, castor oil draws moisture from the air, is easily absorbed by the skin making it an exceptional skin softener and conditioner.


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