Lavender & Peppermint


Lavender & Peppermint Deodorants 2.8 oz.

Experience the perfect harmony of lavender and peppermint in this soothing and refreshing deodorant. Lavender’s calming floral scent combines with peppermint’s invigorating freshness to provide all-day odor protection while soothing and hydrating your underarm skin. Stay fresh and relaxed with this delightful blend.

  • Long-lasting freshness with a harmonious blend
  • Calms and soothes sensitive underarm skin
  • Perfect balance of floral and minty scents

How to use:

  1. A little goes a long way
  2. Push gently on the bottom disc of the tube to advance the deodorant stick.
  3. Only a 1/4 inch of deodorant stick needs to be advanced above the top of the tube.
  4. The only binding agent, lattice structure framework holding the deodorant together is sunflower seed wax. Advancing stick too much and too much pressure while applying deodorant may cause the deodorant stick to break off literally.
  5. One or two swipes per pit are all that should be required to provide 12-hour protection. Do not cake on deodorant by applying several swipes per pit. This could lead to garment staining due to unabsorbed oils/butter.
  6. If living in a deep freezer or cold region one may need to jump-start the deodorant by rolling between hands to warm up. Push on the bottom outside of the disc (stay clear from pushing on the center) with thumb to advance, rotate in small increments as you push up with thumb to free up deodorant stick if necessary.
  7. Although we have tested our deodorants to hold shape, and texture and perform well while remaining consistent in higher temperatures up to 90 degrees, do not leave these natural deodorants in a hot vehicle, they will melt. Camping, day hikes, stuffed in a backpack, off-grid, our deodorants hold up just fine within these elements.