Peppermint and Lavender 40/42

Colored with Rose Clay & French Green Clay


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Colored with Rose Clay & French Green Clay

Est. delivery between 2023/09/27 - 2023/09/30


French green clay and rose clay work together to thoroughly clean the skin while soothing your sunburn and avoiding further irritation. The green clay exfoliates oil and dead cell buildup and tones the skin to return the natural bounce and luster. Rose clay hydrates and soothes inflammation to help reduce pain and balance the complexion.
• Rose clay can help stimulate skin cell renewal, healing your sunburn faster
• Perfect for sensitive or damaged skin
• Reduces blackheads by absorbing excess oil and relaxing pores
• Peppermint stimulates circulation to accelerate healing and deliver nutrients to aged or damaged cells

Peppermint Supreme. Organic, Vegan, Kosher and Fair Trade Act Certified. Origin India. Main Constituents L-Menthol: 30-35%  Menthone: 23-30%  A strong, fresh penetrating scent due to menthol content.  It exudes herbaceous notes rather than candy-like notes.

Lavender 40/42.  Origin France.  Main Constituents:  Linalool-29.5%  Linalyl Acetate-36.1%

A fresh, herbaceous, floral scent with a woody, balsamic undertone.

Our soap weighs 4.0 – 4.5 ounces, offering ample usage and convenience.

Natural homemade soaps need to dry between uses.

  1. Using a slotted soap dish, soap-saver pad, or soap-saver exfoliating pouch will help prolong the use of our soaps.
  2. Extremely hot water will reduce the life of a bar soap substantially.
  3. Different types of water will affect the performance of homemade bar soap. Ie. hard water, soft, well water, etc
  4. Our opinion is ‘Friction is the biggest culprit’ to homemade bar soaps not lasting very long.
  5. Our experience shows that applying the bar soap directly to the skin, a few times over the arms and chest area. Place bar soap in a dry area. Use your hand, washcloths, loofa, soap saver pouch, etc to generate the lather versus rubbing the bar continuously over body.

Our experience and customer feedback show a bar can last 2 months plus when applying this technique and being mindful of this.

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