Why Numinous?

Because what absorbs into our skin is important.
Nu·​mi·​nous | \ ˈnü-mə-nəs
A feeling of well being, spiritual quality of the presence behind the Universe.

Our Mission

A sense of complete wellbeing that comes from caring for your body, your world, and your fellow human. Completely sustainable. No dyes, no micas, no synthetics.

Our Values

Good to the Planet

We partner with suppliers like Palm Done Right, Jedwards International, New Directions Aromatics, and Brambleberry to ensure our oils, colorants, essential oils, and other natural ingredients are of the highest quality possible with ethical, sustainable fair trade certified ingredients.

Good to the People

We’re proud to be part of the global movement towards corporate accountability. Ethical sourcing means we use sustainable materials and the people who produce those materials are treated fairly. That includes fair wages, safe and clean work environments, and consideration of the social, economic, and environmental impact of production.

Good to your Skin

Our passion for perfect soap is evident in our results. Numinous Soaps are formulated for your skin. You can choose the collection that fits your unique needs, like anti-aging, sunburn relief, and care for acne-prone skin. Highly moisturizing our attempts to create the holy grail cold process soap producing a perfect 40% – 60% saturated to unsaturated fats resulting in an extremely conditioning soap and rich in nutrient oils.